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questionaire about global warming and environment

Below are some questions about global warming and the environment
Answer each one individually
Make sure that the number beside the answer corresponds with the number beside the question
Submit answers with first name only, state, and email address


#1: What is global warming

#2: Who do you think is responsible for global warming

#3: Are you familiar with the green house effect

#4: How long do you think the green house effect has been around

#5:Could we exist without the green house effect

#6: What is your opinion on hydrocarbon emissions and their effect on the environment

#7: What country do you think is responsible for producing the most co2 emissions and toxic waste

#8: Do you think the US government should set mandatory emissions standards

#9: What alternative energy sources or renewable energy sources do you think should replace our current usage

#10:Do you think Americans are taking the global warming issue seriously enough

#11: What do you think it will take for us to get over our dependency on oil as a fuel source

#12: If in fact you believe there is a global warming problem; why have we waited so late to do anything about it

#13: What are you doing personally to help make a difference and clean up the environment

#14: Why do you think renewable energy technology is so expensive and difficult to access and utilize for the average citizen

#15: If we do not act now and fix this problem how long do you think it will be before we self destruct
#16: What should we do to make everyone take this issue much more seriously than they are now

#17: Don't you think that every American should be forced by law to do everything within their power at every socioeconomic level to go green or abide by green laws

#18: What do you think about the carbon tax

#19: Do you think global warming is effecting weather patterns and climate around the world

#20: Do you think Americans and other developed nations are sitting back and relying on government to solve the problem of global warming

#21: Do you think average citizens feel overwhelmed and powerless to reverse the devastating effects of global warming

#22: What do you think it is going to take to get people to change their life styles, habits, and actions and help facilitate and pave the way toward a greener future

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