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Scholastic Writing Awards!

Hey guys. Regional (NY) winners for the Scholastic Writing Awards were just announced, and I'm amazed to be able to announce that I won three (silver/Humor, gold/personal essay, short short story). I looked back at something I won for in 10th grade, and realized that it's a piece of angsty crap, and have revised it a bit. I'm constantly revising my work, so I present to you the two gold winners. Please comment!

Gettysburg Eve
Searching for a Song

Anyone else win?

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I did! Last year (7th grade) I won two Am. Voic. Noms, three Gold Keys, two Gold Awards (NYC). (You can read "The Dinner Party," one of 'em, in the Best Teen Writing of 2004/anthology thing)

This year (Region-at-Large; I moved to Italy) I got six golds (1 short short, 2 personal essay, 3 short stories). Congrats

I like your stories. The Strand is wonderful - if dreadfully confusing. I love the Rare Book Room. And I love Classics majors.
Wow, that's amazing!
I didn't start submitting until 10th Grade.

I should make a trip to Strand...it's an activity in itself. You never find what you're looking for, and always find what you're not.

Mwahaha. I'm an intended Classics major. I'm two courses short of completing the Latin half, because Trinity is insane.