Kyle Kucek (infamouswriter) wrote in writersink,
Kyle Kucek

Insidious Reflections

Hey all, I'm new to the community. I'm a 13yo horror/supernatural writer and am looking forward to sharing stories and critiques.

And here's a site I think you should all check out. If you like to write twisted stories and haven't found the right place for it, try...

Image hosted by

Insidious Reflections, a place for dark and twisted tales, poems, and articles of all genres. Visit our website, ezine, newsletter, member-based message board (includes peer critiques, writer-to-writer chat, movie reviews and more). Let your sanity lie barren and madness pen dark tales.

The next issue of the Ezine is released on April 15th. When submissions open again, you should consider them. They are a paying market.
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